Beit Terezin

Free Obituaries, Private Memorials.

What We Do

Everyone is invited to create private, self-managed memorials online- individuals, families and organizations. See memorial sample. See family tree sample. See instructions. Respecting the privacy of our listed members, we do not share customer information with any other organizations for commercial use.The site is secured with SSL and measures have been placed to protect user privacy as best we can. We do not show commercials. All proceeds from the memorial initiative are donated to Beit Terezin museum, which is a non-for-profit organization, to ensure long term operation of the service. Our mission is never to forget.

Please use thin bright line on the right to scoll down, get details and register.

Benefits and Features for Individuals and Families;

* Obituary placement is free. Memorials require a one time 50$ registration fee for life.

* Owner controls the memorial site: size, design color, text, pictures, guest book and access.

* Owner controls what Guest Book entries to publish or not.

* Owner can set the memorial as public or password protected for family and friends view only.

* Owner can edit site, add pages, add family members, change text or place more pictures anytime.

* System will send condolences via email to owner on the a day of the memorial and date of birth.

Enter registration code word: Beit to get the discount and register in the right group.

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