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Use of the site will indicate your agreement to the terms specified below:

The service

The site provides self-managed web space online for famlies and groups to commemorate loved ones. We do not control the information which is submitted by the Account Holder (also referred to as: Registered User or Account owner). Comments by visitors about content of a memorial site may be sent to Account Holders, or to us.

Third party providers and help

We use authorized third party providers of service, such as for secure billing online and hosting. Company is not responsible in any way for service which is provided by other entities, yet will still help costumers with all issues of concern when such are reported to us.

We will answer all mail inquiries and do our best to respond to all inquiries in a timely manner, yet due to fluctuating mail volume it is not possible to specify exactly how much time will elapse before each inquiry is related to. Usually it takes up to 48 hours.

Links to other services

Users of this site understand that we may elect to post links to other sites which may provide additional information or offer services. Users understand that we are NOT responsible in any way for any information, services or products which are offered by other organizations.

Registered user (Account Holder)

A Registered User (Account Holder) is any person (or in some cases a Group Administrator, an individual acting on behalf of an organization) who has completed the online registration process with us and has an Active Account in good standing. We requires some information to be submitted by the Registered User for verification and registration before an account is opened for public display. However, We DOES NOT make any further inquiries as to the information displayed, and thus can not take responsibility for the accuracy of any information apart from that which is supplied to us by the Registered Users.

Site content

We will not edit or change any memorial site but still maintain the right to remove a site from public or private display at any time after warning is given. Reasons to justify removal of a site from public display include, but are not limited to, deliberate entry of inappropriate, offensive, and/or false data, and failure to keep the account in good standing. We may elect to inform a Registered User about any requested changes or comments made to its site by visitors, but it is the responsibility of the Registered User to either make any changes, not make any changes, or remove the site, unless it is determined by us that the site should be removed at our discretion. We are not responsible for content, errors or problems that Registered Users or visitors to the site may have both with the content or technical nature of the graphics, sound, multimedia, java scripting, pop up windows, or other internet related/user interface problems resulting from the pages or images that were submitted by Registered Users for display on the site.


Users of this site understand that the price of memorial sites may periodically change, but that the price of the permanent site option, once paid, will never change. Refund is possible up to 48 hours after registration.

Terms and conditions of use

Registered Users understand and agree to the above terms, as well as to the following conditions:
1. Provide accurate registration details. Avoid misleading the public and provide, as much as possible, only accurate and authentic data, photos, descriptions, text, anecdotes, stories and any other information when such are submitted to the site for display about the commemorated person.
2. Avoid offensive or obscene language on the memorial site. We will warn Registered Users about submitting offensive material, and may remove a site and/or registration if it is not changed by the Registered user within 24 hours of notice.
3. Users understand they are purchasing a license to rent and directly manage memorial space on the web, to which the terms for renewal may be a subject of a separate agreement. Registered Users can use the memorial site space online in any way they wish in accordance with the above rules, and we, in providing this site, maintains no editorial control over the site except for expressly provided herein.
4 Users understand that our uses authorized third parties to securely process payment information according to current security standards in the industry. Users understand that We respects privacy, holds authorized third parties responsible for maintaining security, and that we DO NOT sell or share customer data with commercial entities to assure our clients' privacy. Users understand we contracted with authorized third parties to develop and provide various services in support of the web site operation online and that services which are not directly provided by us are the responsibility of those who support and provide such services to us.
5 Registered users agree to keep their account details and e-mail address current. Account Holders understand that We will send periodical notices regarding the account. E-mail notifications will also arrive when a visitor signs the E-guest book on the memorial site, if such an option was made available by the Account Holder.
6 Account Holders agree to use this site in good faith and respect the feelings of others.

Failure to adhere to the above rules means that the Registered User forfeits all rights and interest in his or her web space, and the site may be disconnected. Violation of the terms mentioned here and/or disregard to notices about such may result in permanent removal of an account and loss of any rights to a refund.

This is the complete agreement between Registered User and we and cannot be modified except by written agreement.